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    We are located in
    the heart of the city

    Entry based on access code: 24/7
    No. 10, Mărășești str., 2nd floor
    +4 0732 672 572

    Come to Timișoara
    and visit us!

    Stay here and take your time to explore the most attractive places of the metropolitan area by foot because InVerve is located in the pedestrian part of the city, on Mărășești Street where no car sound can be heard by night.

    Feel free and relaxed, away from the rigid rules and crowds and enjoy your stay in a discrete, yet cozy establishment - a place for quality time spent alone or together with your new & old friends, in the very heart of Timișoara.

    Feel comfy in our chic hostel because we will make sure that you will find everything you need & more for a full, top-notch experience in the beautiful city of Timișoara.