For every backpacker or individual who wants to explore Timișoara we provide 2 sleeping options, depending on your desires and lifestyle.


Starting from: 16€/BED/NIGHT

You enjoy your stay in the Mixed Room which can comfortably accommodate 8 happy people who are looking for a place to stay and to meet & socialize with other fellow travelers while sharing a big cozy room with everything needed 🙂
P.S: Our mixed dorm may also be used as a private room if you are a group of friends, so please contact us for more information.


Starting from: 16€/BED/NIGHT

Following the same design style but with a pinch of chic, the Purple Room can accommodate 6 lovely ladies in a spacious dorm where you can share secrets and smiles with other women traveling across the world. Here you can do your makeup and hair at an elegant dressing table, which you will share with your new comrades.
P.S: Our ladies dorm may also be used as a private room if you are a group of friends, so please contact us for more information.



∙ If you arrive at InVerve between 8:30 AM and 6.30 PM we will be waiting for you to check-in at apartment no.10, on the same floor as the hostel. Here you will receive the key fitting your wardrobe. If you arrive at a different time, please announce us by sending a message at +40 740 077 672. The reception is open from 8.30 AM until 6.30 PM.
∙ Check-in time at the Hostel is at 2 PM. If you arrive prior this, luggage storage is available.
∙ Check-out time at the Hostel is 11 AM. At this time guests are required to bring their linen, room key and all personal belongings to the reception.
∙ Before your check-out please leave your towel and the bed sheets in the basket that you will find in each room. In this way, you will help us to prepare the room for the next happy traveler.
∙ Access in the location is based on an individual numeric access code that you will receive on your mobile phone at check-in. The code is unique, non-transferable and can only be used during the stay. The code will expire after your check-out.
∙ The Hostel space will be cleaned every second day between 11 AM and 2 PM. The bed sheets and the towel will be changed every 3 days if you are planning to join us for more days, or after your departure (if you book less than 3 days).
∙ Noise: We ask that you respect other guest‘s by limiting the amount of noise and light after 11 PM. Please don’t snooze your alarm
∙ Smoking: The rooms and common areas within the Hostel are non-smoking – please use designated outdoor areas. If you set off a fire alarm you will be fined with 200€.
∙ You can read the books from our InVerve during your stay, but if you really like any of them, you can take it with you BUT you have to replace it with a new one AND announce at check out. We are sure you are going to make someone else really happy.
∙ If you want to have fun we already thought about that. At InVerve you will find lots of games and board games to play, but don’t take them with you ‘cause more traveler are willing to play too.
∙ If you enjoy bike rides, we can help: we have 2 bicycles to rent at 5 euro/ day each (in order to rent make sure you have a valid ID)
∙ Once a month we organize themed parties (usually on Saturdays), in an additional location, a few doors away from InVerve, on the same floor. You are invited to join us and to get to know new awesome people.
∙ At InVerve you can print your flight ticket (no charge required).
∙ If you are workaholic, we give you FREE access to the Co-Working space that is on the same floor (app 10).
∙ No pets are allowed in the Hostel.
∙ If you need to place food in the fridge, please label it with your name or room & bed. If you forget to do this, expect other travelers to enjoy it :)
∙ The coffee, tea, and cookies are on the house so that your day will start with a big smile :)